Port Aransas, TX Fish Species

Common Questions

What kind of fish are in Port Aransas?

Port Aransas boasts a diverse range of fish species, including Redfish, Trout, Flounder, and many more. Russell & Sons Outdoors offers guided fishing trips specifically designed to target these prized fish, providing anglers with unforgettable experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast.

What is the best bait for Port Aransas?

The best bait for Port Aransas fishing can vary depending on the target species and season. Russell & Sons Outdoors provides expert guidance on bait selection tailored to your fishing trip, ensuring optimal success on the water.

What month is duck season in Texas?

Duck season in Texas typically runs from late October through late January. Russell & Sons Outdoors offers guided duck hunting trips during this season, providing enthusiasts with memorable hunting experiences amidst Texas's scenic landscapes.

A Russell & Sons Outdoors Fishing Charter targets the top Port Aransas, TX Fish species including Black Drum, Blacktip Shark, Ladyfish, Largemouth Bass, Sea Trout, Southern Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, & Redfish, . We primarily Fish the Aransas Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Matagorda Bay, San Antonio Bay, Corpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay, Laguna Madre.