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Your Port Aransas Fishing And Hunting Experience

Explore the latest fishing and hunting insights straight from the heart of the action with Captain Cory Russell's exclusive reports. Delve into detailed accounts of recent outings, where every cast and shot is meticulously documented to provide valuable insights for seasoned anglers and hunters alike. From the shifting tides of Port Aransas to the hidden hunting grounds of Texas, Captain Cory shares his expertise, tips, and observations, ensuring that readers stay informed and inspired for their own outdoor adventures. Whether you're seeking the latest fishing hotspots or scouting for the best hunting opportunities, Captain Cory Russell's reports offer a wealth of knowledge to enhance your outdoor pursuits.

We got these questions a lot. Is Port Aransas good for fishing? Do you need a fishing license for Port Aransas? Is Texas duck hunting good? Port Aransas offers excellent fishing opportunities, requiring a fishing license, which Russell & Sons Outdoors can help obtain. Texas also provides great duck hunting, facilitated by Russell & Sons Outdoors' guided trips led by experienced professionals.

Russell & Sons Outdoors offers a diverse range of outdoor adventures, from exhilarating fishing excursions to thrilling hunting expeditions. Our fishing trips include options such as a 4-hour trip for $550, an 8-hour excursion in Port Aransas for $900, a 4-hour wade fishing experience for $450, and a tournament charter priced at $1200. For the ultimate adventure, consider our Cast and Blast package, combining hunting and fishing over 9 hours for $700, or indulge in a dedicated duck hunting trip for $500 lasting 5 hours.

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